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5 facts about Italy you need to know

With a tasty kitchen, breathtaking views and dozens of famous monuments, Italy is a popular destination for many tourists. In addition to all the beauties that you can enjoy in the country, this place is rich in curiosity. Do you want to know the main curiosities about Italy? So follow this text and find out!

Most UNESCO heritage sites

As already mentioned, there are several monuments and Italian buildings that have become not only the major attractions of the country, but also a World Heritage Site, recognized by UNESCO. Italy thus becomes the country with the largest number of them, accumulating 53 properties registered as a heritage. And this list tends to grow, since there are still 40 buildings waiting for this title.

Works of art everywhere

In addition to the monuments, the Italian territory houses several famous works of art, such as:

  • The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, on show in Milan;
  • The creation of Michelangelo Adam, which can be seen in the Vatican;
  • The birth of Venus of Botticelli, exhibited in Florence;

There are so many masterpieces in Italy that when you add them all, it is possible to say that there is no other place in the world that has more artwork per square meter. So if you are a fan of the work of famous artists, you have to travel to Italy.

Where do the Trevi fountain coins go?

It is tradition to visit the Trevi Fountain, one of the main monuments of Rome, and launch a coin to the fountain. They say that throwing him back over the left shoulder with his right hand, bring you the luck to return to the Italian capital.

However, one of the curiosities about Italy that many have: what do they do with all coins thrown in the place? All the money is donated! Exactly, every tourist passing and leaves a coin makes a good action. And, don’t think it’s just a thing! It is estimated that more than 1 million euros are collected every year.

The oldest university in the world is in Italy

Italy gave birth to the first university of the world, did you know? The Institute is located in Bologna, a city of Emilia-Romagna, in the north of the country. Founded in 1088, it offers several degree courses, some of them in English. In addition to hosting the oldest, the country also has the largest in Europe, the University of Rome, where about 150,000 people study.

A country with many volcanoes

A fact on Italy that a few know is that the country has the largest number of volcanoes active in Europe, such as Vesuvius and Etna. There are many tourists who love to experience the experience of visiting them and insert them in the travel itinerary.

The city of Pompeii became famous after the volcanic eruption that buried all its territory in 79 D.C. Did you like to meet these facts about Italy? Now that you already know many facts about the country, it’s time to plan your trip to see it! With leptistour by your side, you can explore all the cities and places you want more, while we prepare personalized itineraries for you.

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